About the founder

Founded in 2012 by gemologist and jewelry designer Danah Alfayez, Obari's journey began with a unique spark. During her time at eSKay Jewelry, our founder had the opportunity to create bespoke pieces for eSKay's clients. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received during this period served as the catalyst for an exciting new venture that would bring fresh and innovative designs to the jewellery market.

Obari's Commitment

At Obari, our commitment is to deliver top-tier quality products. Obari's core objective is to offer consumers exquisitely stylish and creative jewellery, meticulously crafted by seasoned goldsmiths, using the finest gemstones and achieving the highest level of craftsmanship. Beyond our diverse collections, Obari extends a range of services, including custom-made designs for those seeking truly unique and exclusive statement pieces. Additionally, we provide clients with the opportunity to breathe new life into cherished or outdated jewellery pieces.

Our Mission

Catering to a wide spectrum of clientele, Obari offers products that span from moderate to high-end, ensuring there's something for everyone. With a diverse and extensive selection, we are well-prepared to meet the preferences and desires of each potential customer.